We provide a range of services in the maritime and offshore industry that includes engineering analysis and computation, technical troubleshooting, safety inspections, project management and, virtually, any special needs that your standard team cannot cope with as a result of their busy schedule in today´s hectic maritime industry.

Whether you are a ship owner, ship management company, shipyard, engineering company, etc., we will be happy to cooperate with your organisation at short notice.

Some of our specialization areas are listed in the blue accordion, but please do not hesitate to get in touch and discuss your particular case.

We can attend ships and shipyards in Europe, America (have working visa for Brazil) and Asia alike.



We are very knowledgeable in all types of gas carriers and their cargo plants inclusive of reliquefaction systems for LNG, LPG, ethylene, ammonia, etc.

It is not only our large experience at sea with those type of vessels, but our ability to address engineering design issues like computation of energy and mass balance, performance analysis and troubleshooting of control issues. Because we understand the thermodynamics of the process and the way it is controlled, we are good at what we do.



Along with gas carriers, oil and chemical tankers are the type of vessels we are most experienced with. 

Again, hands-on experienced is important but you still need the theoretical knowledge to deal with difficult technical problems, new projects and demanding issues like performance analysis of your power plant.



Instrumentation and control is paramount in today’s industry. Unfortunately, understanding of control systems onboard is not always straigthforward. Some problems just boil down to replacing a defective transmitter… but sometimes there are inherent, recurring issues in a system that could be fixed with some methodical analysis… and ship staff do not have the time for that. If that is your casse, we can help.



A big portion of the technical and regulatory concerns on a ship revolve around the “performance” concept. Energy efficiency is a measure of your plant condition but we know from experience how tricky it is to have an estimation of its value that is accurate enough. Please get in touch if you want to hear more about this complex matter. We have experience in the preparation of bespoke procedures to assess the performance of, say, your gas compression plant, propulsion plant, etc.



HVAC and refrigeration is one of those areas whereby it is not always easy to have a good understanding of the system. No surprise… Refrigeration cycles are a thermodynamic concept that is not as easy to deal with as, say, a diesel engine cycle. And, on top, there is a lot of practical knowledge that one should be familiar with.

As licensed HVAC&R experts, we can help you, not only with, with troubleshooting, but also with plant design or refurbishment.


Our experience includes pre-vetting, condition, and pre-purchase inspections. And, needless to say, having worked for reputable shipowners in the past, we have gained a large experience helping crews pass their inspections.

Please, also check our local services:

SHIP INSPECTIONS IN INDONESIA for Bulk Carriers, Oil /Chemical Tankers, Gas Carriers, and other ship types.


If you need a site manager or any type of technical support for your shipbuilding or ship repair project, we are ready to help you.

Our experience includes, amongst others, a large shipbuilding project for 30 tankers and several LNG carriers. We are familiar with shipyards in Europe, USA, Brazil, China, Singapore  and South Korea and we understand the culture of the different countries and the way they work.


We have managed a number of important projects in the past.

Whether you want to complete a full refurbishment of your air-con plant, install a new ballast water treatment system or upgrade your cargo plant, a “management of change” approach is critical. We have a large experience analysing the technical aspects, preparing the required materials and certifications, dealing with shipyards and manufacturers and bringing your project to life.


Very often ship staff struggle with tricky problem they cannot fix. We have always had a reputation as trouble-shooters! This is because we know the tricks. When a problem persists and a solution is not found, there are a few points worth considering… keeping a systematic approach is very important here. Never assume that things are what they look like! Please give us a call if you have a problem and want to hear what our approach will be.


Sometimes your shipping company might be temporarily short of staff. We can cooperate with your organization in the technical aspects of ship management with a focus on safety and regulatory compliance. Having held positions like Technical Superintendent. Technical Manager and Technical Director for reputable ship owners, we will  know how to deal with your ships.


Risk analysis is a critical step before you initiate a new project. And we are good at identifying potential risks at a very early stage, which will save your company money.

If an accident has already happened, you will want to find out the immediate cause(s) and the root cause(s) of it. We have the knowledge and experience to work out what actually happened.


Other than the field services above, we can provide coaching and training for your ship staff and/or junior superintendents. Whether online, onboard or at a strategic agreed location, our courses can be customized to your particular needs. Please check the  Coaching  tab in the main menu for any programmed courses. Otherwise, we can prepare a bespoke course if a minimum number of seats are confirmed.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any ideas.